NACH Circulars


Circular No. 008 - Mandate duration and mandatory final collection date

Circular No. 007 - Penalty for high %age of ACH debit returns

Circular No. 006 - Revision of mandate processing TAT

Circular No. 005 - UIDAI OTP verification charges for Aadhaar Authentication in E-Mandates

Circular No. 004 - APB SoP SMS to be sent to customers

Circular No. 003 - E-Mandate simplification and harmonization of the limit of all variants of mandates

Circular No. 002 - Introduction to IQA validation on MMS mandates

Circular No. 001 - Validity of mandate date

Circular No. 013 Capturing Customer Feedback for eMandates

Initiation of Self Attestation for Q4 and General Compliance

Circular No. 006 - Standing Instructions facilitating retail transactions in NACH


Completion of Self Attestation on PCOMP Portal Q2 & Q3 FY 22-23