NACH Circulars



Circular No.008 Introduction of Settlement Guarantee Mechanism(SGM) - NACH

Circular no.007 Increasing the mandate limit for TReDS

Circular no. 006 Capturing of beneficiary name and account number for specific returns under APB

Circular no. 005 - NACH operational on all days with effect from August 01, 2021

Circular no. 004 - Improving the success rate of NACH mandate registration

Circular no. 003 - API for getting account number linked to an Aadhaar number

Circular no. 003 - Annexure II - Linkage status of Acc no - API Specification - V 1.0

Circular no. 002 - Circular on Self-Attestation process

Circular no. 001 Adherence to NPCI guidelines by members or participant (NACH)