UPI Circular 120 - UPI Limit Standardization

Circular 119 - Advisory on Reconciliation and handling declined timed-out transactions in UPI for One Time Mandate block transaction types

OC 118-Reference Guidlines for Member on Merchant Acquisition standards

UPI OC 117 - International merchant payments acceptance through UPI - UP...

UPI OC 116 - Aadhaar OTP Authentication in lieu of Debit Card for Customer Onboarding on Unified Payments Interface (UPI)

OC 115 - Rollout of “Numeric UPI ID Mapper” to enable “UPI Number”

OC 111 - Process to handle UPI Transactions for bank who has completed the amalgamation/merger process.

OC 110 - Revision of token validity in UPI from extant 30 days to 90 days.

OC 109 - Please get in touch with your bank

OC 108 - OD accounts for merchant acceptance – Terms and Awareness

OC 107 - Change in nomenclature of Retrieval Reference number (RRN) in UPI to avoid duplicates

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) – Market Share Cap for Third Party Application Providers (TPAP)

UPI OC 106 - UDIR - Auto reversal facility for Deemed approved cases marked as RET by Beneficiary

UPI OC-105 Purpose Code 01 as an identifier for One Time Mandate block transaction in UPI

UPI OC-104 Revising the number of Check TXNs in UPI

UPI OC 103 Guidelines for Self attestation by members participants circular

Circular - Identification of Ultimate Beneficiary for P2M transactions

OC - 100 Mandatory Brand Guidelines for BHIM UPI

Operation Circular 99 - enablement of NPCI non compliance penalty in IMPS & UPI

OC - 99 Circular on participant adhering to various guidelines of NPCI_UPI

Operation Circular 97- 5th & 6th settlement cycles in IMPS & UPI