IMPS Circular

IMPS - Circular 2021

IMPS Circular 104 - Migration of IMPS - Bharat Clearing and Settlement System (BCS) to IMPS Real Time Clearing & Settlement System (IRCS)

IMPS Circular 103 - Enhanced Per Transaction Limit for IMPS Transactions from Rs. 2 Lakh to Rs. 5 Lakh

IMPS Circular 102 - Migration from ISO to XML

IMPS Circular 101 - Revision in Switching fees for IMPS rails Foreign Inward Remittances - Please get in touch with your bank

IMPS OC - 100 Guidelines for Self-attestation by members participants

IMPS & UPI Circular 99 enablement of NPCI non compliance penalty

Circular 98 Circular on participant adhering to various guidelines

Circular 97 - 5th & 6th settlement cycles in IMPS & UPI