Introducing UPI Lite X – Offline payments made easy, hassle-free, and quick!

With UPI Lite X, you can make payments even in places with bad connectivity and poor networks.

It's as simple as it gets – no need of an internet connection on your or the recipient's phone.

From flights to lifts to basements, with UPI Lite X, Debit from the senders' bank, and credit to the receiver bank – all done offline.

Convenient and straightforward.

UPI LITE X offline

Both payer and payee should have UPI LITE X offline enable.

UPI LITE wallet

Utilizes the existing UPI LITE wallet for offline transactions.


₹500 upper limit for both LITE X offline and UPI LITE online transactions.

without internet connectivity

Transactions can occur with or without internet connectivity.


Debit from payer's LITE X account and credit to payee's LITE X account.

NFC communication in LITE X

NFC is used for communication in LITE X offline transactions.


Governed by configurable Risk rules; currently, one debit and 10 credit transactions are allowed offline.


User has to come online i.e. in the internet connectivity within 4 days of performing an offline transaction.

Android device

Currently supported on Android mobile devices.

Transaction Flow:
  • Open UPI App
  • Click on the Tap & Pay icon within the app.
  • Input the transaction amount.
  • Tap your mobile device on the receiver's device.
  • Money sent successfully without requiring a UPI PIN.
Benefits of UPI LITE X:
  • Offline Transactions can be performed without the internet connectivity.
  • Enhanced Accessibility: More transactions are possible in low or poor-network areas like flights, parking lots, trekking points, etc.
  • Improved Success Rates: Experience better success rates with UPI LITE X transactions.
UPI LITE X Balance in case of App Uninstalled and reinstalled or device changed (same OS)

Before uninstallation and reinstallation of UPI APP or changing the mobile device user needs to disable UPI LITE X to reclaim the balance back in bank account in real time. If customer uninstalls and reinstalls the APP or changes device without disabling UPI LITE X, then in order to prevent frauds the entire LITE X balance of the customer will be held. The held balance after due-diligence (addition and/or deduction based on transactions performed) will be provided back to the customer’s bank account after 4 days from the date of APP reinstallation or device change. Banks are intimated about these refunds through L5 response code in back office files. Banks shall ensure to process the customer refunds immediately.

UPI LITE X Balance in case of device change (different OS i.e. Android to ios or vice versa)

Before changing the device, user should disable the UPI LITE X account to get the balance refunded back to his/ her source bank account in real-time. In case customer has changed the device without disabling LITE X from old device and is not able to initiate the disablement of UPI LITE X account from old device. Then customer has to reach out to remitter/ Issuer bank to disable the UPI LITE X account & refund back the LITE X balance in bank account.

UPI LITE X Balance in case of device lost/stolen or damaged

In case of device damage/ lost/ stolen or cases where customer is not able to initiate the disablement of UPI LITE X account, customer has to reach out to remitter/ Issuer bank to disable the UPI LITE X account & refund back the LITE balance in bank account.