How is the UPI LITE (On-Device wallet) enabled for the customer?
  • A customer can enable the UPI LITE (On-Device wallet) from any UPI App which is enabled for offering UPI LITE
  • Specific customer consent is required for enabling UPI LITE (On-Device wallet)
  • The customer will need to have a bank account linked with the set UPI PIN
  • The customer will authorize the issuing bank (using UPI PIN) to enable the UPI LITE (On-Device wallet)
  • This request will prompt the bank to transfer funds from the customer account towards UPI LITE (On-Device wallet) usage
  • Once the issuing bank confirms successful transfer of funds, the UPI LITE (On-Device wallet) is enabled and the virtual balance is reflected in the CL of the UPI App
How many instances of UPI LITE (On-Device wallet) can be created for a bank account?
  • A unique UPI LITE (On-Device wallet) is created on a given app.
  • The same bank account can be used to create multiple UPI LITE (On-Device wallet) on other apps.
  • At any given point of time, only one UPI LITE (On-Device wallet) (offered by one bank) can be enabled on a UPI App, where the balance will reside in the CL
What if a customer wants to add another UPI LITE (On-Device wallet) account on an app which has an active UPI LITE (On-Device wallet)?

The customer will have to first disable the existing LITE account to initiate a refund for the UPI LITE (On-Device wallet) balance (stored in the CL) which is active on a given app and then enable UPI LITE account using the bank account of their choice

How will a customer disable UPI LITE account?

The customer will have the option to disable a specific UPI LITE (On-Device wallet). Upon clicking disable button, the balance funds available with the bank in LITE account shall be released in the customer’s account

How can the customer load UPI LITE (On-Device wallet)?
  • The customer can add funds at any point of time by adding funds to UPI LITE from the UPI App where they have registered.
  • The app will provide an option to top up/add funds to an active UPI LITE account
Will Top-up in UPI LITE be in real time?

Yes, Top-up transaction in UPI LITE is in real-time

What if customer has active UPI LITE account with balance in his mobile device and wants to change the mobile device?

Customer should first disable the existing LITE account in his phone so that LITE balance is transferred to the user bank account. User can then again do a fresh LITE account creation in the new device.

What will be the limits associated with UPI LITE payment mode?
  • Per transaction limit: Up to max ₹500
  • Cumulative usage per day: ₹4,000
  • Maximum balance which can be made available in UPI LITE account at any time: ₹2,000