Product Overview

UPI LITE Overview
Introducing UPI LITE: Making transactions Faster Secure Seamless

UPI LITE is a new payment solution that leverages the trusted NPCI Common Library (CL) application to process low value transactions that have been set at below ₹ 200. The solution runs off existing UPI ecosystem protocols for mobile phones to ensure commonality, compliance and system acceptance. UPI LITE experience is intended to be a customer-friendly approach to enabling low value transactions without utilizing a Remitter bank’s core banking systems in real-time, while providing adequate risk mitigation.

Enablement Flow

To enable UPI LITE

  • Step 1: User has to open his/her UPI App
  • Step 2: On home screen of the App, user will get the option to enable UPI LITE. Click on the option
  • Step 3: User reads and accepts the terms & conditions
  • Step 4: User enters the amount to add in UPI LITE and select the Bank account
  • Step 5: User enters UPI PIN
  • Step 6: UPI LITE enabled successfully!
Transaction flow

For making seamless transactions via UPI LITE

  • Step 1: User opens the app
  • Step 2: User chooses to pay.
  • Step 3: User enters the amount
  • Step 4: Money Sent Successfully without UPI Pin
Benefits of UPI Lite
  • Improved success rate for UPI transactions
  • Less infrastructure load on Remitter Bank CBS
  • Uncluttered Passbook for users
  • One click single factor authentication for UPI transactions of value less than ₹ 200