About CSR


In the backdrop of the amendments to The Companies Act, 2013 and the subsequent mandatory requirements for corporate social responsibility commitments, NPCI took on the challenge of creating social impact programmes with a core focus on scalability, sustainability and replicability. Driven by the need to create impact that encompasses the above core philosophies, NPCI has forged partnerships with some of India’s leading social development organizations known in their respective areas to be driven by sectoral expertise, innovations and a need to bring about change for the underserved. These partnerships reflect the vibrant nature of the social development sector while incorporating a professional approach to drive impact amongst the underprivileged communities across India.

Starting with smaller, localized projects, NPCI has now scaled up its partnerships with social development sector organizations to transform the lives of thousands of people across the country.

What is our firm belief?

Our firm belief is that as a socially responsible corporate citizen, it is our duty to partner with like-minded social organizations that have the capacity to deliver impact at scale, which is critical given the sheer magnitude of challenges that face India and the geographical scale of the country.

Any partnership needs to go beyond the basic funding model. It is only when, we immerse ourselves in at the micro and macro level, and start co-creating models of impact is when we will see change.

Run > Grow > Transform is not just our mantra, it is our way of life

Vision and mission?

To create sustainable, scalable and replicable solution for some of India’s most pressing social challenges through partnerships with leading social development sector organizations working towards improving the standards of education thus increasing employability; managing, preserving and protecting India’s environment and natural capital; and working towards creating disaster resilient societies and responding to natural calamities.