Product Overview

UPI Tap & Pay

Introducing the newest player in UPI payments – Tap & Pay!

It's just like the familiar Scan & Pay, Pay to Contact, and more, but with a twist. Instead of using the camera, Tap & Pay captures the Payee UPI ID/VPA through NFC. It's a novel way to make your UPI transactions, keeping things easy, safe, and instant.

Product construct:

Ready for the next-gen UPI experience?

  • With UPI Tap & Pay, it's all about convenience
  • Only mobiles and devices with NFC capability have the access to UPI Tap & Pay
  • Look for the Tap & Pay button on your UPI App. The transaction happens when you tap your device on the UPI Smart Tag or UPI Smart QR
  • For amounts up to ₹500, UPI LITE takes the lead (if you've got it enabled), or through your bank account UPI PIN
  • Need to go beyond ₹500?
  • Your UPI PIN ensures added security for the online transaction
  • And here's the best part – UPI LITE Tap & Pay is available on both Android and iOS devices. It's time to tap away!
Transaction Flow

For making UPI Tap & Pay offline transaction

  • User opens the UPI App
  • User clicks on Tap & Pay icon
  • User enters the amount
  • User taps his mobile device on the receiver’s UPI Smart NFCs QRs or UPI Smart NFC Tags
  • Money sent successfully
Apps Live:
UPI Tap & Pay - 2 Apps Live
Sr. No Apps LITE X
1 BHIM Live
3 PayTm Live with limited users