hello upi faqs
What is Hello! UPI?

The introduction of conversational UPI payments will augment user experience by enabling them to make voice-enabled UPI payments via UPI apps, telecom calls, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices in Hindi and English, and will soon be available in several other regional Indian languages. This expansion will broaden payment accessibility for most Indians who are fluent in their native languages, providing significant benefits to users. Users can simply give voice commands to transfer funds and input UPI PIN to complete the transaction. Hello! UPI

Hello! UPI will support which type of phones?

Hello! UPI works on both feature phones & smartphones. Users will be able to perform UPI conversational payments on smartphone as well on feature phones.

How does Hello! UPI on Smartphone work?

UPI Apps to have additional voice feature. User can now navigate inside the UPI app using voice command.

What type of transactions user can perform in smartphone UPI Apps using Hello! UPI?

Currently Pay-to-Contact and Scan-and-pay can be performed via Hello! UPI (UPI on voice navigation).

Which languages are supported in Hello! UPI?

User can perform UPI payments in English and Hindi on Hello! UPI and will soon be available in several other regional Indian languages.

How does Hello! UPI on feature phone work?

User calls on the payment numbers and can perform Hello! UPI payments by conversing on the call.

What type of transactions user can perform in feature phone using Hello! UPI?

Currently Pay-to-mobile number and Balance Check can be performed on Hello! UPI.

Can smartphone also use Hello! UPI on call feature?

On call functionality can be used by both smartphone and feature phone users for Hello! UPI transactions.

Who launched Hello! UPI?

Hello! UPI was launched by Hon'ble RBI Governor Mr. Shaktikanta Das on 6th September 2023 at the Global Fintech Fest (GFF) 2023.

How Hello! UPI transactions are authorize?

For on-call, user has to put UPI PIN over the call by entering on his mobile keypad. In-app user has to put UPI in the UPI PIN page in app.

What is the transaction limit of Hello! UPI on-call?

Presently, Hello! UPI transaction limit for pay-to-mobile number is capped at ₹1000 per transaction and total 5 transactions in 24 hours

What is the transaction limit of Hello! UPI in-app?

Hello! UPI transaction limits as the existing limits of UPI

How do I register for Hello! UPI?

For in-app, user has to do one time UPI on-boarding in the app. Different on-boarding for Hello! UPI on app is not required.

For on-call, user has to call on the payment number and do one time on-boarding by linking bank. After this user can perform conversational payment.

Is internet required for Hello! UPI?

On-call Hello! UPI does not require internet. In-app Hello! UPI requires internet.

Can UPI work without bank account?

UPI requires a bank account linked to a mobile number for transactions. Without a bank account, it is not possible to use UPI services. Users need to have a bank account to register and link it with UPI.

Will my UPI id be created when I on-board on Hello! UPI?

Yes, your UPI ID will be created, and customer will receive a SMS for the same.

Are any transaction charges included for making payments through Hello! UPI?

No, there are no charges for transactions under Hello! UPI.

What is payment through IVR number?

Using this solution customer can use UPI services by calling to a predefined number. Select the option via keypad and avail the services of UPI.