31-Aug-2021 - NPCI/2020-21/RuPay/022 - List of Vendors Approved for RuPay Card Manufacturing and Personalisation

16-Jun-2021 - NPCI/2020-21/RuPay/008 - Update in CSU Value for resetting offline counter limit in offline retail transactions

05-Mar-2021 - NPCI/2020-21/RuPay/060 - List of Live RuPay Contactless Retail L3 Certified PoS terminals

23-Feb-2021 - NPCI/2020-21/RuPay/059 - Update on Introduction of new Lounges under RuPay Lounge access program

07-Jan-2021 - NPCI/2020-21/RuPay/052 - List of Vendors approved for RuPay Terminal "Type Approval-L2"