RuPay Contactless FAQs

What is RuPay Contactless card?

RuPay Contactless is a card which allows you to make payments in fraction of seconds, just by tapping the card on the card reader (supporting contactless transactions). You don’t need to enter the PIN for completing contactless payments below ₹ 5000. Above ₹ 5000, you can still tap the card to make contactless payments, but PIN entry is mandatory.

How does contactless technology functions?

Contactless card is a chip card with an inbuilt radio frequency antenna. This antenna uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to establish a secure connection with contactless reader to transmit payment related data. Hence, contactless card need not to be in contact with the reader, a simple tap on the reader will initiate a transaction.

Why should I use RuPay Contactless card?
  • It provides you a single payment platform for making payments across end to end everyday needs.
  • You need not have to worry about carrying cash for small value payments. Additionally, you are free from fear of getting fake notes and lost or theft of cash.
  • You can keep a digital trail of your purchases.
  • You don’t need to wait in long queues because contactless transactions are super quick and can be completed in less than a second.
What is the difference between a regular RuPay Card and a RuPay Contactless card?

RuPay Contactless is a Dual Interface card which supports both contact and contactless transactions, whereas a regular RuPay (EMV/Chip card) can only support Contact transactions.

How do I know if my RuPay Card is a contactless card?

To know if the card is RuPay contactless, you need to check for the contactless indicator, published on its front.

Will all Point of Sale terminal accept my RuPay Contactless card?

NPCI requires all contactless/dual interface RuPay payment devices to carry RuPay Contactless Indicator for supporting contactless payments. If the indicator is present, you can make “Contactless” payments, whereas if the indicator is absent, you have to swipe/ dip the card and enter 4 digits PIN to make payment.

How do I get RuPay Contactless card?

Please click on the link below for the list of Banks issuing RuPay Contactless card: https://www.npci.org.in/live-members-2

What are the key features of RuPay Contactless?

Key Functions

Dual Interface

Card Balance

Pass writing

RuPay Contactless Proposition

Supports both offline(Contactless) & online(Contact & Contactless) transactions

There is a provision of storing money on the card which can be used to initiate contactless payments (offline payments) across various use cases like transit, retail, toll, parking, etc. which is also referred as Card Balance or Offline Wallet.

It is a unique feature that enables customers to use the card for merchant/operator specific application e.g. travel passes, season tickets, etc.

What are offline contactless payments?

The key feature of Contactless Card is offline payments which reduces the dependency on network connectivity. Offline payments do not require an online connectivity with the card issuing bank, hence you don’t need to enter 4 digit pin. Card balance is used to make such payments.

Can I reload the card balance?

Yes, you can top up/ reload the card balance before it exhausts, so as to make seamless contactless payments.

How do I reload card balance?

Card balance can be topped up via “Money Add” channels, which can be done in following ways:

Money Add Cash- You may approach a merchant or kiosk authorized to top up the card balance (money load transaction). You have to pay the amount to be topped-up in cash to the merchant/operator and the operator will perform a money add transaction from POS device to top-up the card balance.

Money Add Account- You may approach merchant/operator or kiosk to top up the card using savings account. The operator will initiate this money add from POS device to top-up the card balance. The top-up amount will be deducted from primary account and get added to the card balance.

Money Add via digital channels- You have to initiate a fund transfer from your primary account balance to the card balance using the internet/mobile banking facility provided by your card issuing bank. Post successful fund transfer, you have to go to a particular touch point and tap your card against an online card reader. A balance update transaction will have to be done to update this top-up amount in card balance.

What is the maximum top up limit of card balance?

You are allowed to top up the card wallet to a maximum value of ₹ 2000. At any given point of time, wallet balance should not exceed ₹ 2000.

How can I create a Pass?

You have to reach out to respective merchant/operator for creating a pass like transit passes/ seasonal tickets on your card. The Pass writing has to be done by the respective merchant/operator.

How many maximum Passes can be associated with my RuPay Contactless cards?

Maximum of 20 passes including seasonal tickets can be written on the card.

Where can I use my RuPay Contactless cards?
  • Transit fare payment system including metros, buses etc.
  • Toll payments
  • Parking area payments
  • Restaurants and other retail outlets
When I dip/swipe my RuPay Contactless card for payment, will it reduce my card balance?

When you dip/swipe your card, it will use your primary account balance; not your card balance. Card balance is used for offline payments only. Primary account balance (i.e. current/ saving account) is debited for all online transactions e.g. Retail, ATM, e-commerce etc.

The offline wallet balance is debited for all offline contactless transactions of low value payments in transit, para transit as well as retail for eg metro, bus, toll, parking, retail stores, OMCs, etc.

Can RuPay Contactless Cards be issued in Debit/Credit/Prepaid variants?

Yes, RuPay Contactless card is available on all the three variants Debit, Prepaid and Credit cards.

What are the channels across which RuPay Contactless card can be used?

RuPay Contactless cards can be used across ATM, POS and Ecommerce websites to make payments.

Can all Banks issue Rupay Contactless cards?

Banks which are certified by NPCI can issue RuPay Contactless cards. To know about the certifications involved, interested banks can connect to NPCI team or write to rupay@npci.org.in.

Can I use my RuPay Contactless card to make a purchase of more than ₹ 5000/-?

Yes, you can use your RuPay Contactless card irrespective of the value of transaction. For Transactions above ₹ 5000, both contact and contactless payments can be made, but with PIN

Do I need to enter the PIN while using RuPay Contactless Card?

For all contactless transactions up to ₹ 5000 PIN is not required.

For all the transactions above ₹ 5000, you may choose to dip/tap the card followed by mandatory PIN entry.

Can I use my RuPay Contactless card outside India?

Yes, this card can be used outside India. The processing is as per regular transaction i.e. by dipping/swiping and entering the PIN.

Could I unknowingly make a purchase if I come across the contactless card reader?

No, the operator must enter the payment amount for initiating the transaction. Also, the card or device has to be held within 4 inches of the card reader to make any payment.

Will I be charged additionally for making contactless payments?

No. There are no additional charges levied to make a contactless payment.

Is my Rupay Contactless card protected from the threat of frauds?

Yes, your RuPay contactless card is as secure as any other RuPay card. It contains a highly secure EMV chip, hence it cannot be cloned easily. Also, you need not have to handover the card to anybody, just have to tap the card for completing the transaction.

How will I know if the transaction is successful?

If the transaction is successful, terminal/ device will display the message. Also, you may receive charge slip after doing the transaction.

What if I wave the card more than twice at the terminal? Will I be charged repeatedly?

No. Once a payment is successful (one tap or two tap, depending upon transactions), a new payment transaction has to be initiated from the reader by entering the amount. Multiple taps will not result in deducting the amount more than once.

What is the validity period of my card?

The Card is valid up to expiry date as mentioned on the card.

What should I do if my card is lost?

As a cardholder, you are responsible for the security of the card. If the card is lost or stolen, you should report the loss/ theft to issuer’s customer care centre. Card Issuer bank, upon adequate verification shall hotlist the card and terminate all online facilities on the card. Balance in the wallet of the card shall not be refunded back.

What should I do if my card is damaged or I want to replace my card?

Please visit your nearest Bank branch and surrender your card. If the card balance enquiry is possible at the Bank branch level, you will instantly get the refund. If balance inquiry is not possible, card balance amount may be refunded based on latest balance available in your card balance as per issuer bank’s records (virtual account) after 4 days.

How can I close my card?

Please visit the nearest Bank branch and surrender your card. If the card balance enquiry is possible, you will instantly get the refund. In case if the balance enquiry is not feasible, card balance amount may be refunded to your primary account after a cooling period of upto 4 days.

What should I do if Pass writing fails and I have paid using cash?

In case the Pass writing (monthly passes etc.) fails and you have paid via cash then you have to present the slip, given at the time of Pass writing to merchant/operator. Merchant will validate the existing Pass on the card. Basis this, he may decide to re-write the pass on the card.

Can I transfer funds from card Wallet to my primary account?

No, you will not be allowed to transfer back the fund from card wallet to the main account. This transfer can be done at the time of card closure only.

How to manage my card balance in case of joint account –

As the card balance is specific to the physical card, it will be managed separately for you and your joint account holder. You will not be able to use the card balance of the other joint account holder using your card.

Do I earn Interest on card balance?

You will not get any interest on the card balance as it is being treated as prepaid payment instrument.

If my PIN is blocked, can I use RuPay Contactless cards for contactless payments?

Yes, all the contactless payments can be done without entering the PIN.

Will I get account statement of all Contactless payments?

For statements, please get in touch with your issuing Bank.