A Brief Introduction on UPI ONE WORLD
Foreign Nationals/NRIs from G20 countries

Travellers to India would be able to soak themselves in to the Indian culture, food and many ethnic vibrancies, along with the Made in India – UPI and experience the power of digital payments with ease and convenience.


UPI One World is a slice of the UPI experience crafted for inbound travellers. It is the Prepaid payment instrument linked to UPI provided to foreign nationals/ NRIs coming from G20 countries.

The PPI on UPI wallet can be used for merchant transactions across the country.

How to avail the above service?
  • Inbound travellers (foreign nationals/NRIs) will be able to get UPI One World (PPI on UPI) from PPI Issuers at any location which is permitted to perform money exchange operations in accordance with RBI / FEMA guidelines.
  • KYC

    • “UPI One World” can now be issued to foreign nationals/NRIs from G20 countries basis Passport and Valid Visa.
    • The PPI Issuer in conjunction with FFMC (Full Fledged Money Changer) will undertake Full KYC of the user and enable the PPI wallet with balance in Indian Rupees on their respective PPI app from Issuer end. The app will be required to be downloaded and registered successfully for accessing the issued PPI-UPI wallet.
  • Money Load

    • On KYC completion foreign nationals/NRIs will be issued UPI One World.
    • Loading of UPI One World shall be against receipt of foreign exchange by cash or through any payment instrument.
  • Payments

    • UPI One World can be used to make payments and avail services at all UPI enabled merchant locations.
    • For this, inbound traveller logs into the PPI-UPI App and then using the scan and pay option available scans the Merchant QR; transferring money instantly from the PPI-UPI App.
    • Customer can check the wallet balance which is available in real-time in the PPI-UPI app.
  • Refund

    • The unutilised balances in UPI One World can be encashed in foreign currency or transferred ‘back to source’ (payment source from where the PPI was loaded), in compliance with foreign exchange regulations.
Benefits of UPI ONE WORLD wallet:
  • Eliminates the hassle of carrying cash and handling multiple foreign exchange transactions
  • Easy, safe and instant digital payments
  • Track of spends in transaction history of PPI-UPI Application
Available with following partners across various locations in India