What is NPCI mapper?

NPCI mapper is a repository of Aadhaar numbers linked with particular bank and used for the purpose of routing the Aadhaar based payment transactions to the destination banks. The NPCI mapper contains Aadhaar number along with IIN (Issuer Identification Number) of the bank that has seeded the Aadhaar number.

What is the meaning of linking the Aadhaar number with the bank account?

Linking the Aadhaar number to a bank account is a process by which the customer’s account is linked with his / her Aadhaar number after due submission of documents by the customer and verification of documents by the bank.

What is the meaning of seeding Aadhaar number in NPCI mapper?

It is a process by which on the basis of written consent submitted by the customer the bank (after linking the Aadhaar number to the account in Core banking) updates NPCI mapper.

How to seed my Aadhaar number?

Customer to visit respective bank/branch where he/she holding an account and submit the dully filled consent form (Annexure I)

After giving consent form to bank, when will my Aadhaar get seeded?

After verifying the completeness of the consent form, checking the documentation and authenticating the customer’s signature, bank will link in their Core Banking System (CBS) and seed in NPCI mapper, this process should be completed within a couple of working days

Does NPCI mapper have the account /branch details of the customer?

No. NPCI do not maintain customer bank account details. Mapper holds the below mentioned details.

Aadhaar no. Bank IIN no. Date of insertion (linkage) Status

What is the process followed by the banks for seeding Aadhaar number in NPCI mapper?

1. Bank officials first verify the documents submitted by the customer, after getting completed documents only they will proceed for further processing.

2. Banks have to complete the following two steps for completing seeding

  • a. Link the Aadhaar number to the customer account in core banking and other internal systems as may be required.
  • b. Uploading the Aadhaar number into NPCI mapper.

If step b is not completed the Aadhaar number will not reflect in NPCI mapper.

Can I get different benefits in to different accounts by seeding may Aadhaar number?

One can seed only one account with Aadhaar at one point of time. If you have more than one account and you have given Aadhaar consent form to all your banks then bank account seeded last will be active in NPCI mapper and all the DBT related credits will be routed to that bank only.

What happens when a customer links his/her Aadhaar number with multiple bank accounts and also submits the consent form for seeding?

In case, a customer submits consent form for seeding his/her Aadhaar number in multiple bank accounts, the bank that has last updated the mapper will be active in NPCI mapper. NPCI mapper will route the transactions to the banks that has last seeded the Aadhaar number in the mapper.

How to know the mapping status of Aadhaar number in NPCI mapper?

Aadhaar number mapping status can be verified by visiting the transparency portal of OMCs (Oil Marketing Companies) website.

Aadhaar linked in Bank, but not seeded in NPCI, with whom action lies?

Aadhaar seeding is always the responsibility of the bank. If Aadhaar is not appearing in NPCI mapper it is the responsibility of the bank to check with their internal teams responsible for seeding in NPCI mapper and get the issue sorted out.

If my Aadhaar is inactive with NPCI database, what action is required to be taken?

Customer has to visit his/her bank branch in person and submit the duly filled customer consent form (Annexure I). Based on the consent form Bank should seed Aadhaar number in NPCI mapper database.

What should I do to change my Bank Account for receiving DBT?

If you wish to seed your Aadhaar number with a bank other than the one that has seeded the Aadhaar in NPCI mapper and currently active, visit your bank branch in person and submit the duly filled customer consent form to the desired bank. Note that while filling the form you need to provide the name of the existing bank that has seeded (existing bank) the Aadhaar number in NPCI mapper. Based on the consent form the bank can seed the Aadhaar number in NPCI mapper.

What should I do if Aadhaar number not reflecting in NPCI even after submitting consent form?

Aadhaar seeding activity is the sole responsibility of your bank. If the Aadhaar is not reflecting in mapper then the customer may approach the bank’s branch as well as customer service cell.

The customer may also approach the Bank Nodal officers for escalations, Refer to the following link for the updated contact details of the nodal officers.


What shall I do to get my subsidy?

Visit your bank and provide the consent form.

How can I get my pending subsidy?

After seeding is completed and Aadhaar is reflecting in NPCI mapper, the pending subsidies will be initiated by respective OMC at regular intervals and the same will be credited to your last seeded bank account.

or pending subsidy you may call toll free number: 1800 2333 555 of OMCs

My bank branch has provided the screen shot of Aadhaar seeding which is showing that Aadhaar is active however the same is not reflecting in NPCI mapper, what is the meaning of this?

As detailed above the bank has to

1. Link the Aadhaar number to the customer account

2. Upload the Aadhaar number into NPCI mapper for seedin

In your case the bank has linked the Aadhaar number to the account in their Core Banking System (CBS) but not seeded the Aadhaar number in NPCI mapper. The branch has to get in touch with their internal team responsible for seeding to get the issue resolved.

What is the model followed by the banks for Aadhaar seeding.

Though each bank has their own internal process for Aadhaar seeding, in general most of the banks follow the process given below.

1. The branch verifies the documents and update the Aadhaar number for linking as well as seeding.

2. Aadhaar seeding is carried out by their central teams (either financial inclusion division or IT team).

How does the bank officials know that the Aadhaar numbers uploaded by them into NPCI mapper are updated in NPCI mapper?

For each of the Aadhaar numbers uploaded NPCI provides (at record level) a response indicating whether Updation was successful or not. Also in the event of failure NPCI also provides the failure reason against each of the failed records enabling the bank to rectify the issue and re-upload the Aadhaar numbers for mapping.

If the bank cannot rectify the issue due to dependency on the customer to provide additional data (like previous bank name) then the bank should communicate to the customer of failure advising them to contact the branch for further action.

How the branch can know whether Aadhaar seeding is completed or not?

Ideally the bank should provide a facility in their Core banking to enable the branch officials to know whether the Aadhaar number is updated in NPCI mapper or not and also the date on which NPCI mapper was updated. This flag should be different from the flag indicating active / in active status of Aadhaar in Core Banking System.

What is the reason for Aadhaar number not getting updated in NPCI mapper?

The issue can be because of any of the following reasons

1. Bank has updated in their Core banking but failed to upload in NPCI mapper.

2. The bank has not monitored the failed records while uploading into NPCI mapper and did not take corrective action.

3. The bank has not communicated back to the customer of the failure to seed the Aadhaar number as additional details were required from the customer.

Can any bank seed my Aadhaar number without my consent?

No, as per the official gazette issued by UIDAI a bank should seed an Aadhaar number only after getting written consent from the customer (as per the format in Annexure I) and duly verifying the documents to confirm the authenticity of the customer. No bank should seed Aadhaar number without explicit consent of the customer in writing or in electronic form.

Can NPCI update the mapper on the basis of the consent form, if submitted by the customer directly?

NPCI is a central clearing system that is responsible for making the mapper system available to the banks. NPCI on its own does not update the mapper as the customer should be authenticated by the bank before Aadhaar is seeded in NPCI mapper.

Is it necessary that my existing bank should make the Aadhaar number inactive before my new bank seeds my Aadhaar number into NPCI mapper (after my submitting the consent form to the new bank)?

There is no need for the existing bank to deactivate you Aadhaar number from NPCI mapper. The new bank based on the details provided in your consent form can seed the Aadhaar number in NPCI mapper.

What are the roles and responsibilities of various stakeholders in Aadhaar seeding and subsidy credits?

Role of the customer:

1. Submit the consent form with complete details either in physical or electronic form as per the facility provided by his / her bank.

2. In case of moving Aadhaar number from one bank to another bank, the customer should provide the name of the bank from which the Aadhaar is being moved.

3. In case of physical form, the consent form should be duly signed as per the bank records.

4. After seeding is completed the customer may approach their Gas service provider (Oil Marketing Company) for the pending subsidy amount.

5. For non-receipt of subsidies customer to approach respective OMC’s through their toll free number : 1800 2333 555

Role of the Bank / Branch:

1. Verifying the completeness of the consent form, checking the documentation and authenticating the customer’s signature.

2. After the officials are satisfied with the documentation they should carry out the following activities

a. Linking the Aadhaar number to the bank account (in CBS)

b. Updating NPCI mapper

Note: By linking the Aadhaar number to the account the branch is not updating the mapper. The mapper update process has to be followed by their central team or IT division as the case may be.

3. After the mapper files are uploaded the response files received from NPCI have to be verified.

4. In case of failure in updating any Aadhaar number/s then necessary corrective action has to be taken and CBS also should be updated accordingly.

Customer query / complaint handling

1. Branches should understand that if Aadhaar number is not updated in NPCI mapper the action is purely lies with the bank only. The customer should not be told that NPCI has not updated the Aadhaar number.

2. Aadhaar number being active in bank’s CBS does not mean that mapper file is updated, the branch should not show CBS screen or provide screen shot to the customer confirming seeding.

3. If the customer complaints, the branch should approach their internal team handling Aadhaar mapping and ascertain the reason for non-updating the Aadhaar in NPCI mapper.

4. After ascertaining the root cause bank should take corrective action and redress the grievance of the customer.

Responsibility of NPCI:

1. Mapper is a platform provided by NPCI for the banks to update or remove Aadhaar numbers as per their customer’s request.

2. The activity of updating or removing an Aadhaar number from mapper can be performed only by the banks.

3. NPCI on its own does not update the mapper records.

4. In case customer approaches NPCI for grievance redressal, NPCI will have to reach out to the teams concerned in banks for necessary action.

5. NPCI will ensure that mapper platform is available, files submitted by banks are processed and response is provided.

Responsibility of Gas companies and Government departments.

1. Keep checking the Aadhaar mapper data for additions and modifications

2. Update the database with the additions and modifications.

3. When a customer becomes eligible to receive subsidy then initiate the transaction for crediting the customer for pending subsidy payment.

4. For non-receipt of subsidies customer to approach respective OMC’s through their toll free number : 1800 2333 555

Aadhaar seeding process?