Declined (BD/TD) & Uptime


Sr No Issuer Bank Name Total Volume (Mn) Approved % BD % TD %

Business Decline (BD) – Transaction declines that are attributable to business decisions by stakeholders participating in the transaction. These shall also include business decisions attributable to a customer behaviour like sufficiency of balance in the account, account blocks owing to a bad credit history etc. A few indicative sample reason codes are Insufficient Balance, Incorrect PIN, Do not Honor etc.

Technical Decline (TD) – Transaction declines that are attributable to technical shortcomings like connectivity issues, switch unavailability, incorrect message data elements etc are classified under TD. A few indicative sample reason codes are Invalid response, Issuer or Switch is inoperative, etc.

Issuing Bank - Bank issuing the card to the customer.


Sr No NPCI Uptime (Including scheduled and unscheduled downtime) NPCI Unscheduled Downtime (in mins) No. of incidents
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Sr No Name of the Member Bank Incident Count Downtime in hours

Incident/downtime criteria – Transaction decline count more than 3 Lac and duration more than 30 minutes

The above data includes the intermittent transactions decline with high TD for the mentioned duration


Users please note, the data provided herein is presented in terms of “crores” or “millions”, day wise or month wise, adjusted to the nearest 2 decimal numbers. Such conversion of data is carried out on daily basis due to which the decimal numbers in the data provided in “crores” or “millions” and adjusted to two decimals may differ from the monthly data or yearly data provided in absolute numbers. Users to take note of the same before using the data for any purpose.