Bharat QR

Bharat QR is a QR based payment solution which represents a new channel of initiating and accepting payments between buyers and sellers (or consumers and merchants) using the mobile phone. This solution has been jointly set up by NPCI, Visa and MasterCard which is capable of digitising payment transactions between consumers and merchants. These QR Codes are deployed at merchant locations for customer-initiated retail transactions and allows the customer to be in control of initiating and authenticating the payment to merchant without providing the merchant any of his/her credentials.

Quick Facts

  • BharatQR was devised based on the direction set by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in September 2016 and its Payments Vision 2018.
  • BharatQR is the world’s first interoperable Quick Response (QR) code acceptance solution developed by the payments industry to expedite India’s transition to a less-cash society.
  • A number of leading banks are already operationally ready to deploy BharatQR, including Axis Bank, Bank of Baroda, Bank of India, Citi Union Bank, Development Credit Bank, KarurVysya Bank, HDFC Bank ICICI Bank, IDBI Bank, RBL Bank, State Bank of India, Union Bank of India, Vijaya Bank and Yes Bank. Many other leading banks are also at various stages of implementation.Non-bank PPI Operators are not covered under the RBI directive.


How Bharat QR works?

Bharat QR works as an alternate channel of payment, where cardholder have to download his/her bank’s Bharat QR enabled mobile app to scan the Bharat QR code at Merchant store and select a card to make payment. Once the payment is successful, both cardholder and merchant receivesa notification in the mobile application.

Can I use RuPay Card for payments through Bharat QR?

Yes, any RuPay card (Debit / Prepaid / Credit / Virtual Card) which is linked to the customer’s account / wallet can be used to make payments through Bharat QR.

Do I need to be customer of particular bank to use Bharat QR to make payments?

To make payments through Bharat QR with your bank application, your bank need to offer Bharat QR code solution in their mobile application.

Do I need to enable mobile banking on my bank account to use pay using Bharat QR?

Your account need to be enabled for mobile banking to pay using Bharat QR. Your mobile number shall have to be registered with the Bank.

Do my mobile number with Bharat QR app and the one registered with my bank account have to be the same?

Yes. This is a banking network requirement. The mobile number which is used to transact with Bharat QR enabled app is used to match the bank accounts linked against it. This is used as one factor of authentication.