Customised UPI solutions

UPI as a solution is equipped to cater to various needs of businesses. The series of videos showcase different models where UPI can be helpful to improve business efficiency while reducing cash management issues.


UPI Pharma Value Chain

The chemists no longer need to worry about cash handling and can make transaction instantly as and when required. The UPI Pharma Value chain helps fast forwarding your business, with faster collections to further your business.



NBFC's face losses issues due to Bounced EMI payments. UPI as a solution will helps curb these losses by making collections simpler and instant. This video shows the several methods a company and a customer can adopt to make and receive payments via UPI for the EMI's bounced.


UPI for Insurance AV

This AV showcases how UPI benefits as a solution for Insurance Companies, Insurance Agents and Policy Holders.


The UPI advantage for Telecom Distributors and Retailers

With UPI, you can make payments 24/7, 365 days with no pressure of weekend or month-end billing. You can also purchase credits on a daily basis and utilize those funds better thereby lessening the working capital requirements.


Foreign Inward Remittance

Share your UPI ID and receive those funds from overseas when you need them the most.