NPCI's Pay Auth Challenge

NPCI's PayAuth Challenge aims to identify alternative solutions for payment authentication and authorization in UPI to provide a more secure user friendly way for users to transact. It aims to identify alternative solutions around payment authentication methods in UPI to provide risk based user authentication and user friendly transaction authorization. The intent of this challenge to explore the feasibility of alternative payment authentication mechanisms and user behaviour towards such authentication mechanisms.

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Bharat BillPay ‘I3’ Ideathon

National Payments Corporation of India announced the winners of its Bharat BillPay ‘I3’ Ideathon. The winners were,

1. Mitx (WhatsApp based payments solution)

2. Vebde (Biller portal side payment widget)

3. Super Saiyans (Paylater option)

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Testimonials of the Winners

“The ideathon was a great success for us. We reached out to various banks, forwarding our idea to the banking sector’s senior leaders and getting a detailed analysis of our idea. We especially thank NPCI and CodeChef for their amazing guidance.” - Team Mitx

“I think such platforms help play a really big role in scouting talent and appreciating innovation. And, maybe that’s the reason why I would recommend my peers to participate in such competitions and drive the future.”- Team Vebde

“During the initial journey of the ideathon, the organizers gave us extensive documentation that includes how their platform works, different entities, and the various transactions that use to happen daily. That documentation helped us a lot to build new ideas upon it. In the following round, it was more about presenting our idea to the panel which helped us refine our ideas through multiple inputs. Based on these inputs, we were able to come up with a much more solid idea.”- Team Super Saiyans