India Pay Safe Campaign

In light of the COVID-19 situation keeping in mind the work from home and lockdown which is in effect we at NPCI have initiated the message of India Pay Safe for the UPI Chalega campaign.

The campaign messaging would focus on social distancing, use of UPI for recharges, sending money, donations, groceries or medical expenses paying salaries etc and avoiding cash and stepping out of your home for payment needs.

To drive awareness with the communication that gets created from the above we have decided to invest in the #PaySafeIndia message which will have more relevance and context to get the right message across to people

Make it a Cashless Lockdown through #UPIChalega

NPCI in association with the payment ecosystem players have co-created an industry campaign “UPI Chalega” to promote UPI as Easy, Safe, and Instant mode of payment. The campaign is aimed to guide users towards the right usage of UPI and help create a habitual change, use of UPI in their daily life. The campaign also focuses on safety aspects while transacting on UPI enabled apps.

Stay Home, Stay Safe #UPI Chalega