Mr. Sunil Soni

Mr. Sunil Soni

Chief General Manager - Customer Acquisition, Retail Liability & Corporate Communication Division, Punjab National Bank

Mr. Sunil Soni is presently working as Chief General Manager- Customer acquisition, Retail Liability & Corporate Communication Division, Punjab National Bank. He is presently tasked to implement strategies for Customer Acquisition Vertical, Govt. Business Vertical, Retail Liabilities Business and manage Corporate Communication of the Bank.

With more than 32 years of experience in Banking, Technology, Administrative Office, Banking Audit, Training & Information Security (CISO for about 4 years), he has been a successful Regional Head (Business) where he has brought about controlled growth and headed a region successfully until last year.

In his previous postings he has headed successful technological merger between amalgamated Banks (eOBC & e UNI), successfully implemented the process of system determined non-performing assets and took many initiatives pertaining to Bank’s Information Technology ecosystem leading to Digitization. He has also headed a region with controlled business growth and considerable Top & Bottom line growth. Built new business lines contributing to sustained income streams. He tightened controlled parameters while heading Bank’s biggest Zonal Audit Office. As CISO Mr. Soni created Information Security Policy, Digital Evidence policy, Cyber Security awareness programs for Bank’s staffs & customers. He also introduced the concept of Balance Score Card & Service Valuation and introduced various secured Bank’s products. He has been through the journey of adoption of Core Banking by the Bank in all facets.

He was tasked to map RBI guidelines & COBIT guidelines for ISACA, USA. He has been one of the committee members for raising India Bank- Centre for Analysis and Risk & Threats (IB- CART) by IDRBT & Banks. He was Bank’s nominee on the Advisory Committee of Centre for Information Assurance & Management Institute of IDRBT, Hyderabad.

He was Member Working Group on social Media Framework for Indian Banking Sector which was launched by Mr. G. Padmanabhan, Executive Director of RBI in presence of Governor Reserve Bank of India.

Academically he has the following qualifications CISA, MBA, LLB, CAIIB, and B. SC. Thereby giving him a 360 degree of Banking, Technology and Information Security.