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UPI Top 30 Banks Performance (October'20)
UPI Remitter Banks - Top 30 Banks (October'20)
Sr. No. UPI Remitter Banks Total Volume (In Mn) Approved % BD % TD% Total Debit Reversal Count (In Mn) Debit Reversal Success %
1State Bank Of India599.2489.15%7.10%3.74% 13.16 83.88%
2Axis Bank Ltd.184.4496.64%3.20%0.16% 0.96 91.35%
3HDFC BANK LTD179.5094.37%4.83%0.81% 2.52 90.81%
4Paytm Payments Bank138.9391.66%8.33%0.02% 1.23 99.71%
5ICICI Bank133.8393.90%5.85%0.26% 1.14 91.11%
6Bank of Baroda99.4990.04%8.68%1.28% 1.38 94.27%
7Punjab National Bank85.5990.22%8.20%1.58% 1.75 60.14%
8Bank of India72.4188.82%6.93%4.25% 2.71 29.46%
9Canara Bank64.9973.19%17.02%9.80% 2.30 60.12%
10Kotak Mahindra Bank63.3191.12%6.51%2.36% 1.05 83.94%
11Union Bank of India60.3588.51%7.42%4.06% 0.84 76.47%
12Andhra Bank57.4691.86%5.77%2.37% 1.29 47.66%
13Central Bank Of India44.0490.90%8.51%0.59% 0.64 86.96%
14Indian Bank41.5484.23%11.85%3.92% 1.37 27.99%
15IDBI Bank Limited32.1393.46%6.26%0.28% 0.37 95.86%
16Syndicate Bank30.8191.82%6.75%1.43% 0.61 93.26%
17Bank of Maharashtra26.1891.04%8.76%0.21% 0.22 94.09%
18Yes Bank Ltd26.0996.16%3.50%0.34% 0.12 96.94%
19Indian Overseas Bank23.4489.70%9.55%0.74% 0.38 93.54%
20Karnataka Bank23.1286.15%12.94%0.92% 0.35 70.78%
21UCO Bank20.9487.33%12.09%0.58% 0.28 78.25%
22Airtel Payments Bank20.9486.47%12.94%0.59% 0.26 83.01%
23Federal Bank20.4292.97%5.59%1.44% 0.36 89.57%
24Corporation Bank20.1870.79%14.37%14.84% 0.58 30.74%
25Oriental Bank of Commerce18.4690.59%9.37%0.04% 0.19 98.99%
26Allahabad Bank18.4279.64%18.91%1.45% 0.34 46.29%
27INDUSIND BANK15.7893.08%6.62%0.31% 0.15 98.99%
28Karur Vysya Bank12.4884.75%13.09%2.15% 0.26 68.34%
29Dena Bank10.6379.84%16.66%3.49% 0.33 96.39%
30United Bank of India9.9086.09%9.46%4.46% 0.61 61.72%
UPI Top 30 Banks Performance (October'20)
UPI Beneficiary Banks - Top 30 Banks (October'20)
Sr.No. UPI Beneficiary Banks Total Volume (In Mn) Approved % BD% TD% Deemed Approved %
1State Bank Of India340.6996.61%0.59%2.80%0.30%
2Paytm Payments Bank297.2798.70%1.25%0.04%0.00%
3Yes Bank Ltd267.1099.72%0.10%0.18%0.01%
4ICICI Bank216.8899.26%0.55%0.19%0.19%
5Axis Bank Ltd.175.2699.60%0.38%0.02%0.07%
6HDFC BANK LTD129.8098.31%1.46%0.23%0.26%
7Bank of Baroda61.2997.85%1.22%0.93%0.03%
8Punjab National Bank49.2597.15%1.16%1.68%0.11%
9Kotak Mahindra Bank46.5797.95%1.43%0.62%0.57%
10Bank of India43.9397.74%1.34%0.92%1.01%
11Canara Bank40.0491.23%4.80%3.97%1.93%
12Andhra Bank39.3798.94%0.38%0.68%0.70%
13Union Bank of India37.0495.71%1.38%2.91%0.17%
14Central Bank Of India27.0098.73%1.19%0.09%0.32%
15Federal Bank25.0699.23%0.29%0.48%0.03%
16Indian Bank25.0598.79%0.53%0.68%1.70%
17Syndicate Bank20.9797.60%1.08%1.32%0.05%
18IDBI Bank Limited20.2998.01%1.82%0.17%0.07%
19Airtel Payments Bank18.9298.66%1.16%0.19%0.19%
20INDUSIND BANK18.2898.90%1.08%0.02%0.07%
21Karnataka Bank15.4097.80%1.38%0.82%0.23%
22Indian Overseas Bank15.0998.65%1.12%0.23%0.29%
23Bank of Maharashtra15.0799.46%0.44%0.11%0.13%
24Corporation Bank13.2380.22%4.19%15.58%0.95%
25UCO Bank13.0497.89%1.68%0.43%0.18%
26Allahabad Bank12.3087.89%1.78%10.32%0.27%
27Oriental Bank of Commerce11.0699.11%0.87%0.02%0.01%
28Karur Vysya Bank9.3797.45%1.63%0.92%0.34%
29IDFC FIRST Bank6.5598.79%1.14%0.07%0.16%
30United Bank of India6.5593.26%5.57%1.17%0.31%


  • Business Decline (BD) - Transaction decline due to a customer entering an invalid pin, incorrect beneficiary account etc. Or due to other business reasons such as exceeding per transaction limit, exceeding permitted count of transactions per day, exceeding amount limit for the day etc. Such declined transactions are termed as Business Decline. Any decline which is not because of a technical reason of the bank or NPCI is termed as business Decline.
  • Technical Decline (TD) - Transaction decline due to technical reasons, such as unavailability of systems and network issues on bank or NPCI side.
  • The Debit Reversal Success percentage indicates the % of total cases, where a customer account may be debited and their bank is unable to confirm instantly about the status of reversal of such a debit. When reversal/credit is not processed instantly, it is processed manually by the bank as per the extant RBI guidelines.
  • Deemed Approved (Pending Credit Confirmation for UPI remittance transactions) - Deemed Approved percentage indicates the total percentage of cases of the total transactions, where credit confirmations are not received online from the beneficiary banks for the credit. If the beneficiary account is not credited online, transaction would be manually processed by the beneficiary bank as per the extant RBI guidelines.
  • Remitter - The account holder who is sending the money
  • Beneficiary - The account holder who is receiving money
  • Remitter Bank - The bank of the account holder who is sending the money
  • Beneficiary Bank - The bank of the account holder who is receiving money