Key Objectives & Benefits:
  • Enable direct network access to NPCI Bharat BillPay Ltd. (NBBL) through NPCI-BBPS NET (Network)
  • Fintechs, Start-ups, Service Providers etc. interested in exploring new opportunities can easily get empanelled on the platform
  • TSPs can support direct entities (i.e. BBPOUs) in the following ways:
    • Enable in boarding new Billers/Merchants etc.
    • Enabling channel integration/platform integration
    • Enable back-end and technical support
    • Enable new category developments and enhancements
    • New Innovation and features etc.
  • Step-1 Register your details in the form below
  • Step-2 Check readiness with TSP Technical Specifications (Link HERE)
  • Step-3 BBPS team would get in touch with your team
  • Step-4 Initiate Network connectivity, documentation & Certification Process
  • Step-5 Get listed on the platform as a certified/empanelled
Registration Form:
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