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National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI): NPCI has been formed to consolidate and integrate the multiple systems with varying service levels into nation-wide uniform and standard business process for all retail payment systems. NPCI facilitates an affordable payment mechanism to benefit the common man across the country and help grow the retail payments in India.

RuPay: RuPay is a brand of NPCI under which it operates the card scheme and this document is published by NPCI for its RuPay card scheme.

RuPay Prepaid Introduction

As an extension to the RuPay Debit scheme, in 2014 the RuPay prepaid card scheme was launched considering the huge opportunity in the untapped, unorganised, corporate gifting and other business space.

In 2014, along with the Prepaid product, an Prepaid hosted solution model to banks was also launched, this helped all banks (Private, Public, RRB and co-op banks) from different landscape to have an equal pricing for all the services related to RuPay prepaid cards; hence helping all banks with an equal level playing field in the prepaid market.

RuPay Contactless
RuPay Prepaid Card is also available with contactless technology. NPCI has developed Quick Specification for Payment Application of RuPay Chip (qSPARC). It is based on dual interface (contact & contactless) EMV based specification as per open standards, aimed at digitizing the retail payments across all segments (small & large ticket size) using contact & contactless payment technology. This product supports contact (online) & contactless (online & offline) transactions. This will have increased customers’ convenience as it would allow them to use the same card for day to day retail payments as well as for other low value payments including transit fare payments, toll & parking charges payments etc. This product offers two key features as mentioned below:-

  • Offline wallet feature to support contactless - offline transactions with minimal transaction time.
  • Service Area feature to support merchant/operator specific application.

This product is in line with National Common Mobility Card Program (NCMC), as envisaged by Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs (MoHUA).

For more details, please refer RuPay Contactless section

Why RuPay Prepaid Cards?

Simplified and Transparent Pricing

Personal Accident Insurance coverage

DMS Processing, Positive Online Authorisation and FRM Solutions

Interchange in line with ICS

Accepted at all RuPay and ICS enabled acceptance points – ATM, POS and E-Com

1000+ merchant offers

Partnering with RuPay for Issuance of
Prepaid Cards

PPI’s willing to participate with RuPay for Issuance of RuPay Prepaid Cards should have a formal “Approval from RBI”. In addition to the approval , the below mentioned documentations to be completed:

  • Sign an Tripartitie Agreement (NPCI, PPI and Sponsor Bank)
  • Submit the IIN application form
  • Initiate Certification process by submitting the necessary documents

RuPay Prepaid Use cases

RuPay Prepaid card offers the unique proposition of One Card for all Payments.

Business Use Case




Instant Loan

Student / University


Toll & Parking

and many more.

Transaction Use Case






Bill payments

and many more.

RuPay Contactless cards have been launched by various banks in association with transit operators, and Smart cities. With the feature of offline payments and service area, this card offers the feature of one card for all payments including transit, toll, parking, smart cities and retail.

Live Transit/Smart City solution

  • Open Loop Digital Fare Collection
  • Common Card Payment System for Smart City

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