Our Pillars

Education and Livelihood

NPCI believes that every individual is entitled to the Right to Education. In addition to educating masses by providing schemes, projects and activities for inclusion of and greater access for those excluded or with limited access to education. NPCI aims to undertake initiatives that will enhance the educational status of underserved sections of society.

Additionally, support towards education for the underprivileged will be looked at in a way that platforms/programs are developed to ensure our holistic involvement in providing support to meritorious students to pursue their education (secondary and higher) till completion.

Environment Sustainability

NPCI believes in sustainable development and is committed to the conservation of the environment as a responsibility to present and future generations of the country and the planet. We endeavor to address the support for sustainable conservation through projects in conservation science, research, education and training.

Under this focus area, NPCI aims to:

  1. Build capacities of communities and of critical stakeholders in protecting India’s rich bio-diversity.
  2. Ensuring sustainable development of resources integral to the wellbeing of India’s bio-diversity and
  3. Create mitigation parameters for pressing environmental challenges

Humanitarian Assistance

India has been vulnerable to natural disasters on account of its unique geo-climatic conditions. Floods, droughts, cyclones, earthquakes and landslides have been recurrent phenomena and India has witnessed a number of natural disasters impacting millions of people. The loss in terms of private, community and public assets has been astronomical. In the event of a major natural catastrophe or crisis situation, being a socially responsible corporate citizen, NPCI reaffirms its commitment to join hands with the government, community and civil society in providing relief assistance to communities/regions which are impacted by natural disasters. NPCI seeks to assist humanitarian relief efforts in a manner that benefits the nature of the event and its impact on the region in which it has occurred.

Natural disasters erode away not just at the financial and infrastructural resources of the country but also degrade the quality of life of individuals and communities directly and indirectly impacted by natural calamities. NPCI will ensure adequate response is provided in the manner as stated below:

  1. Immediate humanitarian relief directed towards people impacted (immediate response)
  2. Rehabilitation of people and communities impacted by the natural calamity (long term response)