Lead - Product management – BHIM & *99#

Lead - Product management – BHIM & *99#

Key Skills: 
Electronic wallet
App development
Product Development
Product management
Mobile payments
Job Description: 

The product lead shall be part of the team that is responsible for designing, developing, rolling out & managing the BHIM APP.

Lead shall be responsible for the entire customer life cycle management, increasing APP downloads & usage.

This role requires connect with the customers to have continuous feedback and continuous enhancements in service & functionality.

The role requires both internal as well as external coordination involving development, technology & design team and also the external members such as payments service providers.

This role also requires active engagement with telecom service providers.

Essential: hands on experience in designing & developing successful mobile app

Desirable: Experience in mobile payments system.

Job Department: 
Product Development (PD)
Job Location: 
Job Experience Type: 
Job Experience min: 
5 years
Job experience max: 
10 years