Lead BlockChain

Lead BlockChain

Experience working with open-source projects

Proficiency in one of the following languages: C++, Java etc.

Strong knowledge of common algorithms and data structures

Familiarity with basic cryptography

Familiarity with P2P networks

Strong knowledge of concurrency and writing efficient and safe multithreaded code

Proficient with one or more programming languages such as Go, Java, NodeJS

Demonstrate good understanding of Blockchain fundamentals, smart contracts, consensus algorithms

Working knowledge of at least one of the Blockchain framework such as Hyperledger Fabric, R3 Corda, Ethereum (Solidity)

Key Skills: 
Hyperledger Fabric
R3 Corda
Job Description: 
  • Designing, implementing, and supporting a distributed blockchain-based network
  • Develop POC on different blockchain platforms
  • Writing smart contracts and creation of other DLT components
  • Implementing the tech specs into the platform
  • Implementing cryptography and additional level of security in the DLT and its external endpoints
  • Interface with stakeholders internal and externa
Job Department: 
Marketing & Branding
Job Location: 
Job Experience Type: 
Job Experience min: 
5 years
Job experience max: 
11 years