Enterprise Risk Management

NPCI is committed to be established as an institution that ensures risk management as one of its core capabilities and as an integral part of all of its business and support functions and culture.


NPCI has developed an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Framework that applies to NPCI as an organisation, and assists in achieving the NPCI’s strategic objectives by bringing - a systematic approach for identifying, analysing/ evaluating, measuring, mitigating, monitoring and reporting risk and control.

The ERM process will lead to proactive decision making and will improve NPCI’s performance, since it combines governance, risk and opportunity management, compliance and financial reporting.

ERM and Incident Management


  • NPCI’s Enterprise Risk Management framework aims to enhance confidence of the promoter and member banks; regulators and other stakeholders that NPCI’s risk management systems will support to provide secure, safe, reliable and cost effective payment systems.
  • ERM framework through systematic assessment of all relevant risks, using qualitative and quantitative methods will support utilization of infrastructure at optimum level through effective internal controls and process improvement.